A Powerful Business Opportunity

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AdvoCare offers an opportunity and vehicle for success. You can earn income quickly and take advantage of a business opportunity that can last a lifetime. Many families across America are discovering the joys of running their own home based business and seeing that they can reach their true potential. At AdvoCare, we build champions. Become a part of team AdvoCare and see how you can reach new levels of success.

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The AdvoCare Opportunity:

A Powerful Business Opportunity

AdvoCare offers a business opportunity that empowers individuals to explore their ultimate potential. Many families across America are discovering freedom by starting their own AdvoCare business. People from all walks of life are having success with AdvoCare, enjoying time and financial freedom, and making a difference along the way.

4 Ways to Get Involved


Retail Customer

If you use AdvoCare products for your own personal weight-loss, fitness or wellness goals, this may be the ideal way for you to be involved with AdvoCare.


Wholesale Customer

If you use AdvoCare products on a regular basis, you may want to take advantage of the 20% discount by becoming a Distributor.


Distributor at
20% to 40% discount

If you share AdvoCare products with friends and family, you can enjoy additional profits at 20 to 40%.


Advisor at 40%
(business builder)

At the Advisor level you will enjoy the highest discounts available and the greatest earning potential of our business opportunity.

5 Ways to Earn Income


Retail Profits

Earn up to 40% profits on every product you sell.


Wholesale Commissions

Sponsor other Distributors and earn from 5 to 20% commissions on every product they sell.



Earn income on your organizational volume.


Leadership Bonuses

Earn additional bonuses (anywhere from 3 - 19.75%) on your complete organization.


Incentives, trips and Pay-Period Bonuses

Qualify for fabulous incentives and a one-time Rookie Bonus.

Rookie Bonus Program

The AdvoCare Rookie Bonus is designed to reward you right away for your hard work. See how you can qualify for a $500 Rookie Bonus.


3 Pay Periods


3 New Distributors


$3K in PGV

How to Earn:

Become an Advisor, then over your first one to three Pay Periods as an Advisor*:

  1. Sponsor three new frontline Distributors
  2. Accumulate $3,000 of total P/GV from newly-sponsored Distributors (Personal purchases excluded*)

P/GV = Personal Group Volume

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